Apartment in dubai downtown for sale

Office and Apartment in Dubai Downtown for Sale

Office and Apartment in Dubai Downtown for Sale

Downtown in Dubai is called “The Center of Now” as described by Emaar. Downtown Dubai is based on 500 acres of area. This area holds some world records such as Burj Khalifa in center of Dubai Downtown with height of 800+ meters stands first in list of world’s tallest buildings list. Dubai Mall, just beside Burj Khalifa is stands first in list of largest malls of world. And the dancing fountain goes performs with highest water throw. Which is up to 500 feet. Expats from Europe most look for apartment in Dubai downtown for sale. However, luxury apartment in Dubai Downtown for sale can be an expensive choice.

Dubai Downtown Attractions:

Dubai downtown is mixed up with professionally designed towers both for residence and commercial use. Burj Khalifa is consisted of offices and luxury apartment in dubai downtown for sale. Similarly, Downtown Dubai have various world known hotels. Such as Armani, Vida and Manzil.

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is tourist’s favorite attraction in Dubai. An educational visit to the top of Burj Khalifa offers amazing view of Dubai at level 148. Along with many other world records, Burj khalifa holds a world record of highest deck for public observation at 555 meters height.

Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall holds its position at top in list of world’s largest malls. Dubai Mall is a beautiful place for both shopping and entertainment. Daily thousands of people visit Dubai mall for shopping and most of them go there by evening for the Burj Khalifa fountain. Which goes 500 feet high and currently holds the records to highest water throw. Apartment is Dubai downtown for sale is currently the best opportunity to get all these joys together.

Apartment in Dubai Downtown for sale:

Iconic Burj in Downtown Dubai. Find office of apartment for sale in dubai downtown for sale on Arabian escapes.

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